Digital Photography Problem Solver: The Top 101 Digital Photography Questions Answered

by Les Meehan
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“This book is one of the less helpful texts I have read on digital photography. The title makes it appear a useful text compared to many of the similar texts in print. I expected his book to be better than the most books that spend a great many pages explaining the basics of digital photography, and the digital cameras. However, I was disappointed in short time. Unfortunately, the Problem Solver title is a misrepresentation. The first two chapters teach basics of the digital process and the digital cameras as many texts do. The next chapters cover advanced topics such as scanner and printer problems but they don’t build on the previous chapters, are of little use to the beginner digital photographer and the intermediate reader will have to learn them on one’s own by hands-on experience anyway. The sporadic topics and the unusual problems covered may make the Problem Solver appear a good match for advanced photographer but that person can find better organized and richer information in a user’s guide for a photo software such as Adobe Photoshop. Remember the first chapters are useless and only the second half of the book deal with technical problems. In short, the reading of the book disappoints the reader. The book does not help you solve any digital photography problems but rather gives you a collection of tips that may solve some problem at some point.”


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