How to Succeed in Business Using LinkedIn: Making Connections and Capturing Opportunities on the World’s #1 Business Networking Site

by Eric Butow, Kathleen Taylor
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“How to Succeed in Business Using LinkedIn is a great book to read considering the cost, the time and the difference it makes. Software books fall into many categories and have their own uses but almost all of them pack a good 35% to 50% of the text with screenshots of the software, programming languages and so on. How to Succeed is not different. Almost every page of the text is half-filled with screenshots of the software and though useful for a basic user, the majority of the LinkedIn users learn a great deal of what is shown by just playing with the software. LinkedIn may be a powerful and useful software but is not difficult to use. The popularity of online softwares prerequisites ease of use and it is the case here. On the other hand, if you are to purchase or borrow How to Succeed and read through it, you may find it to be a great investment of your time. The text is written very clearly and easy to understand even if you have not used LinkedIn a great deal. I would recommend a new user to join LinkedIn and interact with the software as much as possible and when the time comes you are bored with LinkedIn, you can read through this book once quickly. You will find it easy to read because a good deal is basic and you have used almost all of the presented features here. However, you will find several topics, such as recommendations, searching for answers, and becoming an expert to be presented as you would not experience by hands-on use of LinkedIn. After the initial use of LinkedIn and the first reading of the software, you will be closer to becoming a poweruser of LinkedIn. It is at this level that LinkedIn becomes a tool in your hands and can get business results. Hard and smart work beyond this point should establish you as a successful LinkedIn user and I recommend that at some point in time, you return and read through it one more time. After a second reading, you should have 100% understanding of the material and your practical experience should solidify to keep use around as a poweruser. “

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