How to Use Flickr: The Digital Photography Revolution

by Richard Giles
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“ is a simple and useful software/website for a digital photographer who expects little training to use the online software. I have to inform you that everything needed to use can be learned simply by using it online for a short time and you don’t need a textbook. How to Use Flickr is very comprehensive and covers everything about, related software and other topics. Richard Giles does an excellent job writing a detailed manual for anyone who is obsessed with and also loves to read a lot. An average user will find his explanations too detailed and the same information can be communicated effectively in a text half of the size. The basics of take a small space in the book and almost all topics are advanced and useful only if you have a use for them. One useful topic explained well by the author is the multitude of third-party (and some in software and websites available in conjunction with If is only one of your many tools online and your usage is limited to that of an average person, you can learn everything you need by logging in and using the website for a while. You will not need this book. I only recommend the text if you are absolutely in love with or spend more time using it than any other website. “

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