Savvy Networking: 118 Fast & Effective Tips for Business Success

by Andrea Nierenberg
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“If you are even moderately interested in the effectiveness of your business activities, you ought to come across and read no less than dozens of well-written books on networking. The majority of these books repeat a good deal of common knowledge on networking and add a few useful points. It is rare to read a networking book that actually dramatically improves your knowledge of networking and moves you ahead. Savvy Networking by Andrea Nierenberg is not one of the latter. As networking books compare, Savvy Networking is an intermediate text. Even a novice networker already knows about 15% to 20% of what is covered. On the other hand, none of the ideas are so radically useful to make it an advanced text. If I were to take notes of what I know about networking and eleaborate on them with explanations and examples, I could easily write my own 50 tips for business success. Andrea Nierenberg writes 118 of them and what good are they? one of the only ways I can think of putting the material to work is first of all, you have to have some networking experience so the basic tips can be skipped and then you must pick one or two tips that make sense to you in your business endevours and meditate on them. If you can understand them well, find the opportunity to practice them, and possibly keep a journal on your progress, as a success student of Savvy Networking you will manage to incorporate may be 10% of the tips into your own networking practices. I have to admit Andrea Nierenberg’s Million Dollar Networking is an awesome book but Savvy Networking is a text that is easy to publish and easy to sell but difficult to use effectively.”

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