Secrets of Videoblogging

by Michael Verdi, Ryanne Hodson, Diana Weynand, Shirley Craig
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“This is an excellent book to have and to read. The topic has been covered in full detail and there is exactly the kind and the amount of information one needs to make a successful videoblog. The prose is very coherent and unfolds in a timely fashion as the reader increases one’s knowledge step by step. The text is not a technical manual though it covers more than enough technical information and is written from a success viewpoint. If the reader is interested in creating a successful videoblog, regardless of the theme, the contents and the purpose, this book provides the exact information needed very effectively. The best way to use the book is to own it and read through once. Whatever you can apply at the time, use that information and make your videoblog. Keep it around because you will reread through it again and again improving your blog and by the time all of the materials have been incorporated into your blog, you will have a very well developed videoblog. I strongly recommend Secrets of Videoblogging.”

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