Get Slightly Famous: Become a Celebrity in Your Field and Attract More Business with Less Effort, Second Edition

by Steven Van Yoder
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“Many new titles appear on a regular basis in the self-promotion and self-marketing business books category. Most of the titles are generic because the audience for this topic is large and publishers find it both easy to accept such manuscripts and advantageous to sponsor them. However, a small percentage of these paperbacks are actually substantial and contribute to the field. Get Slightly Famous is an example of a solid, self-help business book describing how to promote oneself with a new definition of becoming a “mini celebrity” in one’s field. The text is quite lucid and bears many real life examples strengthening the general ideas. Steven Van Yoder has done a great job providing not only a new perspective on self-marketing but also numerous practical approaches to accomplishing this end. One small point to consider is almost all of what is contained within this volume is mostly general self-marketing knowledge and anyone with slightly better than average reading history will recognize and know them. However, the idea of thinking of packaging the self-promotion of a professional as the making of a small-time celebrity provides a whole new way of practicing self-promotion. I strongly recommend reading and going back to at least once within a few months of first applying to acquire new ideas to try.”

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