How to Take Great Photographs With Any Camera

by Jerry Hughes
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“The little hobby how-to books filled with photographs and diagrams are abundant in any field. The small portable size and low prices guarantees their commercial success and thus their perpetual publication. This little Great Photographs manual is very useful for all beginner and intermediate photographers. The fact is that photography is an art and craft which demands at least some, if not much, instruction and experience. However, the majority of amateur photographers learn the craft badly and inadequately. The big problem remains in determining what exactly a hobbyist needs to know as minimum knowledge to be successful. I may not have an answer for you in the case of amateur photography but can tell you from practical experience and the reading of many photography texts that what you find in this little volume will improve your work far greater than you’d expect. The layout resembles the portion of a camera manual that teachs you a few basic things about photography. It incorporates photos, diagrams and some text! The emphasis is on quick tips demonstrated using non-textual means. The principles taught are illustrated thoroughly and applicable with ease. More importantly is the extreme usefulness of ideas covered under each subtopic. It is may be true this book is more of a tool than a text to read but I strongly recommend reading and using it because of the great selection of useful ideas and its success at teaching them.”

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