Hugh Johnson’s How to Enjoy Your Wine

by Hugh Johnson
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“No, it is not a new text and it is not an encyclopedia. It is only a compact guide to wine which usually means no more than entertainment if you know the basics. That may be true of 90% of wine books packaged in this size volume. The shallow curiosity of the public creates a healthy demand for such useless booklets. However, this text is really enjoyable to read. The material may not be very comprehensive and definitive but have been selected carefully not based on marketability but as a way of summarizing what a very knowledgeable wine guru can say in very few words to aid John Q. Public make perfect decisions to enjoy wine. Since the majority of the public have very little time for mastering so many skill and knowledge areas essential to our lives, we have to settle for the limits of safe choices or trust some guide to expand our world. The world of mediocrity surrounds you and your lack of knowledge coupled with poor advice guide you in many wrong directions. The truth remains unchanged the knowledge gap between illiterate and qualified can be rather large. And when it comes to wine, the standards are ruthless. Unless you have a solid knowledge of viniculture, viticulture and many other wine topics your chances for great adventure are very slim. Eventually, you will give up and resort to drinking the same darn wine to avoid the unpleasant and the costly trials. Hugh Johnson writes and in a way cheats by giving you such excellent and useful information in a volume that could have been only a chapter in a text of necessary size to do the task justice. The time and the money spent on this old little book is a tiny fraction of what it would cost you to improve your wine experience even slightly. I recommend it if you can find it.”

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