PCPhoto Digital Zoom Camera Handbook (A Lark Photography Book)

by Rob Sheppard
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“The field of photography has had many advances in the recent history and almost everyone is familiar with the family of digital cameras in use. However, until you read through this book you may not know a new type of camera is born from the marriage of the functions of other types of digital cameras and is little known as Digital Zoom Camera. The text covers the basics of digital photography and digital cameras as all texts do. The best part of the book is the explanations for the Digital Zoom Camera and the comparison with the other digital devices. You will find this information both interesting and very useful. It will almost certainly convince you to own one in addition to a point-and-shoot and a SLR digital. The camera definitely has its place because of its small size, LCD, and zoom ability borrowed from other classes of cameras to create this type. The remainder of the text is accurate, informative and probably completely useless if you are at least an intermediate digital photographer. The inclusion of the basic and the advance information justifies the price of the book but the real value is in the pages about Digital Zoom specifically. I recommend reading it but not owning it.”

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