The Attitude Toward Money as a Reward System Between the Age Groups Corresponding to the Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y Employees

C. Shaul
It is not often that a PhD Dissertation finds its way to my reading list. The topic of attitude toward money throughout generations was most intriguing. I have to admit the text was a fast read though scholarly and the benefits gained dissipated soon. The mandatory writing format of the dissertation requires too many repetitions of the same ideas. The conclusions were though extensively supported hardly as useful as the effort to gain and present them. In short, the Baby Boomers spent like there was no tomorrow and reaching retirement now about 1/3 of them have no savings at all. Generations X and Y on the other hand equal money in the form of income or lump sum with self-esteem. And though young people generally are not concerned with retirement, the Gen Yers save for retirement already. If you read this short paragraph, you have gained the knowledge the dissertation offers for active business person.


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