The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors And Closing Deals Online

by David Teten, Scott Allen
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“If you are a business person and even only an average one, you have to read a dozen business books each year to stay on top of your field. Some professionals expect great results in their endeavors and read many business books. Fortunately, good books are printed regularly and you can often come across a business book that seriously improves you. The Virtual Handshake is one such book and a must read. The timing is most critical in the reading of this book. If you read the same book two years from now, the material may be almost useless. Today, however, reading the Virtual Handshake changes your world. Every single chapter is filled with useful and applicable information. Many good business books provide substance and much fillers taking up space. This text is packed with critically useful information and absolutely no fillers. The best approach may be to read through once grasping the ideas and the perspective but only to return later and utilize the better information. Your second reading should give special attention to pages 201-202 in applying those ideas. The topic of networking in business is so commonplace that many of the books in print are hardly worth perusing. The Virtual Handshake transforms your reality. The knowledge of online networking unraveling before you is the new dimension of the business reality. Since the virtual realm is developed and in use already, the sooner you elevate your affairs to its level, the sooner you will be playing the game on par with other businesses. All information is equally valuable and is unfair to focus on any as higher in value. I fully recommend owning, reading, shelving and reading the Virtual Handshake again. “


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