Photography & The Art of Seeing

by Freeman Patterson
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“Art of Seeing is a great book to read if you have the time to slowly experiment with the numerous exercises. The text is written for the experienced photographer who goes beyond the ordinary vision. It is comprehensive and well-organized. The instructions of each chapter follow with a group of exercises to practice. My problem was my own developed means of alternate-seeing and found it annoying to follow the instructions. I was to avoid the regular seeing ways and my own expanded vision to experience his way. I basically settled for reading through the instructions and trying to adopt the new ideas but not getting involved in the exercises. All in all, this is a great book for a technically competent photographer seeking to express beyond the traditional. If one absorbs the exercises which take at least a few weeks to follow, the outcome will be a very individualized way of seeing as a photographer. I recommend it if you seek to experiment. “


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