Stuff White People Like: A Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions

by Christian Lander
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“The American popular culture may not be shallower than we hope but this does not translate into being simple to understand. Every generation has its own unique slang, clothing, music, hobbies and so on. The state of the world and the people during an era has a great deal to do with the makeup of the pop culture. Since the computers have entered our daily lives and the speed of change has accelerated, many of the changes are not detected until long after they have arrived. The present generation of young American was born and raised in the world of internet and fast communication. And the popular American culture follows the changes of the rest of the society. The Definitive Guide to Stuff White People Like is a paperback of 150 topics unique to the young white Americans of Generation Y. The middle age white Americans are part of Generation X and share some pop culture but a great deal is unknown to most Americans unless they are young and raised white. The book is printed based on a website of the same name and is great reading for popular taste. It is also perfect as reading for business marketing purposes. However, the most unique application may be to understand the idiosyncrasies of the minds of millions of Americans. The description of how younger Americans relate and react to each topic may be entertaining but what is written and more valuable is the rationale behind their thought process. This gives one insights to understand the influences in the thinking of this generation. Obviously, the book will become dated quickly but since the website is dynamic we can follow updates easily. I recommend the book if you are interested in popular culture or need to deal with the new generation but don’t quite understand it.”

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