The Power of Charm: How to Win Anyone Over in Any Situation

by Brian Tracy, Ron Arden
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“This is a good book to read if you enjoy business books and like to learn quickly. Brian Tracy’s books fall into two groups for me: The first is detailed business books packed with information and the second is training books written for easy assimilation. The Power of Charm fits the second category. It has 39 chapters and 145 pages but I can write an outline of the core of the text that fits on two sides of a standard sheet of paper. The book obviously defines charm, according to Brian Tracy, and convinces you of its significance for business persons. But the bulk of its effort is on breaking down the profile of a successfully charming businessperson into simple action steps to follow. Some of the chapters are one page printed front and back. The value of such custom-written book is in its ease-of-adoption by diverse groups of learners. If you have ever done any group training, you know from experience how some of your best efforts and approaches will fail and disappoint utterly. In that context, a text written in this format becomes invaluable. For example, you can use Brian Tracy’s Advanced Selling Guide and will need lots of luck to get results from the massive amount of information packed into it. However, anyone can use the Power of Charm and follow the easy direction to succeed at being charming. I strongly recommend the Power of Charm if you have the time to practice the steps.”

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