Nonstop Networking: How to Improve Your Life, Luck, and Career (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)

by Andrea Nierenberg
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“Andrea Nierenberg writes an excellent primer that is easy to read, accurate in content, and applicable in the real life. The book’s format is excellent for a quick read and finding relevant information. Everything one needs for business networking is described step-by-step. Nonstop Networking is one of the top 20 basic networking texts I have read and can recommend. Even if you read through this text once, you will pick up enough to become an active networker. You will have to do more work beyond the basics taught here to become an effective networker but you will have a great start here. Nonstop Networking is not as rich and effective text as Million Dollar Networking but stands heads and shoulders above Savvy Networking both by Andrea Nierenberg. I recommend reading it more than once.”

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