The Connect Effect: Building Strong Personal, Professional, and Virtual Networks

by Michael Dulworth
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“The Connect Effect is a good networking text with extensive details. The text covers more than essentials of networking. Some of the ideas unique to Connect Effect are great for experienced networker though primarily written for the students of the subject. The idea of using an established group such as academic alumni as an accelerator to build one’s network is very handy and since most people can find a dozen such groups they belong to, this idea works for many. The Networking Quotient quiz is presented at the beginning and at the end of the text and helps absolute beginners but I deem it useless because it is too short and the insights are limited to give adequate direction. Personal Branding is introduced in the middle of the text and is a very useful alternate viewpoint for one seeking to become an effective networker. At the end, networking is directed into business effectiveness and I found the sounding board section very interesting: I personally use select people as sounding board to test my ideas and get feedback and a formal structured approach to doing it as advanced networking technique was a great point. I recommend this book.”

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