97 Of The Top 100 Online Classified Sites Are Craigslist

97 Of The Top 100 Online Classified Sites Are Craigslist
Well here’s a little nugget of information that show you just how dominant Craigslist has become in the online classifieds space. A new report suggests that 97 of the top 100 online classified sites are localized versions of Craigslist (i.e., dallas.craigslist.org, sfbay.craigslist.org, etc.). Not sure who the other three are, or where they fall on the chart… but (once again) it shows how the 10 lines of code fallacy comes into play. Over the years, plenty of people have brushed aside Craigslist as not being very pretty or complex — and noting that it would be easy to copy. But, the value of Craigslist isn’t in the code (though, these days, having robust and scalable code is a big deal considering the traffic) but in the users. And you can’t just copy that with 10 lines of code.

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