Can A Library Lend A Kindle?

Can A Library Lend A Kindle?
Michael Scott point us to a fascinating question that an increasing number of libraries are starting to ask: is it legal to lend out a Kindle with some ebooks? Amazon says no — and claims that it’s a violation of the terms of service, but libraries are claiming that isn’t true. The terms only bans lending out the ebooks themselves… not the device that has a purchased ebook on it (an important distinction). So, some libraries have been buying Kindles and purchasing a series of books (usually best sellers that are in high demand) and lending out the device. However, Amazon claims that it won’t discuss “enforcement” on this issue, which might mean that it’s not doing any — or might mean get ready for the lawsuits. Of course, this isn’t an entirely new issue. Years back, we talked about some libraries lending out audiobooks on iPods, but it seems like the Kindle situation could get a lot more attention… including the legal kind of attention.

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