Facebook Is A Cult

World of Wonder Productions Facebook Is A Cult Marshall Kirkpatrick over at ReadWriteWeb phrased it as a question, “Is Facebook A Cult?” After reading his well-reasoned argument, I am convinced and prepared to go declarative. Facebook is a cult.
 I´ve heard about people who tried to get off Facebook, but I haven´t heard of anyone who´s successfully stayed away for more than six months. Have you?
 Perhaps we should start a group for people who want to get off Facebook but don´t know where to start… we can all post messages of support back and forth and brainstorm about how to get off facebook. We can probably recruit a lot of people from those other groups on Facebook that hate Facebook, its terms of service, its redesign, etc. We could call our group “Two Hundred Million for Getting Out of the Cult of Facebook!” We´ll get everyone on Facebook to join!
 On the other hand, it may make a bit more sense to start a *real* group in the *real* world, not a facebook group. We could all gather at a local school auditorium or a church meeting hall, drink coffee, smoke a few cigarettes, and talk about how we´re dealing without Facebook on a day-to-day basis, you know, give each other tips! I´ll bring donuts! We can share stories about the days we spent twittering while driving to automatically update our facebook statuses about how we´re twittering while driving… or that time we Facebook-stalked and harassed that kid that beat us up in fourth grade by fake-friending him and writing funny gay stuff all over his wall. Anyway, I bet after some face-to-face discussion time, we´d be able to come up with a clear and simple plan that anyone could follow to get off Facebook… we´ll just break the process down into a set of manageable steps…
  …………………………………………………… http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/WowReport/~3/PVWhRGFoTLw/


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