So You Think You Know How to Pour a Beer?

10:55 AM / April 10, 2009

/ Posted by Andrew Knowlton
beer.jpgYou’ve done it a thousand times before: Open beer, drink beer, repeat. Unfortunately, you’ve been doing it all wrong. So before you down the next six-pack, it’s time to learn about the all-important, oft-ignored beer pour. Notice the word, “pour.” That’s the first rule: All beer should be poured into a cup, preferably glass. Why? For the same reasons you wouldn’t ever
consider drinking wine straight from the bottle–you need to see the beer, smell it, and properly taste it. Here’s how most experts pour: Tip glass at a 45-degree angle, pour beer–aiming half-way down the inside of the glass so it pours against the side–until 2/3 full.
Slowly tip glass back upright and pour remaining beer into middle of liquid–this helps
develop a thick foam on the beer, which is a good thing in terms of both presentation and flavor.

Of course, there are some beer connoisseurs like Justin Philips, owner of Brooklyn’s Beer Table, who could care less how you pour. “I don’t really subscribe to any of the fancy techniques of pouring; it’s less important to fill a glass for presentation than it is to give yourself a chance to actually smell and taste the beer. Pouring beer is really just a matter of putting the liquid in the glass in a way that allows you to taste, not to show off fancy bar tending skills,” he says.

And if you’re wondering, a funnel, while nostalgic, is no way to properly pour and drink a beer.


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