America’s Most Overpriced Cities

San Francisco is number 18 and not doing very bad. It is way overpriced anyway. The US dollar is extremely inflated though the index won’t show it and government won’t tell you. Whatever has investment-value (price can go up free of money value i.e. real estate, gold, etc.) climbs ridicolously in some cities and whatever is not worth sh^&*^t such anything that is consumed i.e. food, clothes, electronics, travel keep a price in balance with the spending ability of the population. It’s just going to get worse as population increases and gaps in trade and deficit get worse. Nobody is worried. Government and industry will just lie to everyone about it. It is none of anybody’s business anyway. Right?


via News by Zack O'Malley Greenburg on 5/10/09

Twenty metros where Americans have a hard time meeting expenses.


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