Why I Blog and Free Stuff That Bloggers Get

What a passionate person. Almost anyone that blogs does it because him/her enjoy it much. It is a personal thing shared with others. Just that some are better than the rest.


via Accidental Hedonist by Naomi on 5/8/09

I was dismayed to see that Jennifer wrote almost the same article that I had planned to write, but before me (here), but I am, in a way, going to continue the conversation. Something that people who read blogs but do not write them miss is the motivation behind blogging. So, lest you all think we are money-grubbing food whores trying to fool the greater population into buying sub-par food and dining at mediocre restaurants, I present to you my explanation of why I blog–and my own feelings behind accepting free gifts.

I blog as a sort of personal journal. Other people are interested in reading it, so I post it publicly. What little money I might receive from doing so is barely enough to buy the ingredients for a single recipe that I would post on. I do it not for the attention, the money or the glory (there isn’t much, to be honest). I do it because I love food and I love to write. I would guess that as much as 99 percent of bloggers would agree with that statement.

I love the excitement of sharing an amazing recipe with the people who do read my blog, the joy of logging in and seeing comments from someone who went to a restaurant I had recommended and enjoyed it as much as I did. I value my readers, I consider them friends to whom I open my most personal thoughts–because as anyone who knows me will tell you, my most personal thoughts are mostly about food.

So yes, I take freebies, because how cool is it that something I do as a hobby, as my way to relax after a stressful day can also land me at cool events or with awesome perks? If and when I do write about something I received, I give my honest opinion, guarded with a statement that I received the item for free (here). I don’t promise to write about items and I don’t promise to be nice, but I do love the opportunity to try new things, new restaurants or be a part of events that I otherwise couldn’t afford or wouldn’t think to try. I hope to pass my own experiences on to my readers so maybe they will discover something they like–or be kept from making a poor purchase.

Commence removal of bookmark now if you disagree. Because I blog for myself, so the approval or disapproval of others, well, it is secondary to my own enjoyment. Lucky for my readers, I still really enjoy blogging and plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future!


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