5 Websites That Will Help You Find Your Inner Volunteer

Want to volunteer but feel too overwhelmed to get started? How do you find a cause or group that interests you? What can you do in your town? Can your skills help others? Below is a list of volunteering sites that will help you find your inner volunteer, answer these questions, and help match you with the right organization.

via rd.com

1. Find a volunteer opportunity based on your interests and location at volunteermatch.org The site connects people and causes by matching them with volunteer opportunities based on interests and locations. 2. Get your child involved at dosomething.org You’ll get great ideas on how teens can make a difference in their community and around the world. 3. Try online volunteering at onlinevolunteering.org Share your skills, talents, and knowledge online to help people and causes around the world. 4. Exchange volunteering resources and ideas at idealist.org Get informed, inspired and find opportunities and supporters for the causes you care about. 5. Make online donating easier with networkforgood.org Donate money to your charity of choice while keeping all your records in one place, which makes life a lot easier at tax time.

I have to do some volunteering and the website I signed up for was totally useless. That was months ago and nothing came of it. I think I know some people to volunteer through but here is some good sites that may help you.


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