Asia’s Dark Pictures Hit Cannes

by Claire Rosemberg – 2 hrs 37 mins ago CANNES, France (AFP) – Asia made a splash at Cannes with films from Korea, Hong Kong and the Phillipines this weekend, almost all throwing dark violent blood-spattered visions of the world onto festival screens. Hong Kong’s Johnnie To offered “Vengeance”, starring aging French rock idol Johnny Hallyday as a father seeking revenge for a family murder. A gangster movie shot like a western peppered with Triad shoot-outs, it is one of 20 films competing for the festival’s coveted Palme d’Or.

Isn’t that like Oriental Cultures. Ever since they changed their names to Asians they seem to have a new identity but the culture remains the same: The images from the Oriental or East Asian mind as they see life and the world: Rape, Murder, Assault, Fight and all over again. They should be called eAsians for East Asians not to give others a bad name.


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