Facebook Phone for Facebook Addicts – Available Next Year in US

The Facebook Phone: INQ Mobile’s INQ1

Think your Facebook posse is huge? It’s actually small enough to fit in your pocket–if you have one of INQ Mobile’s handsets, such as the INQ1. This low-cost 3G phone integrates directly with the popular social network, adding your Facebook buddies to your address book and automatically alerting you when pals update their status or when someone asks to be your friend. A 3.2-megapixel camera makes capturing pics and sharing them with your peeps easy. You can also use Windows Live Messenger to chat in real time, cut your cell bills by making free calls via Skype, and groove to tunes from Last.fm. Best of all, the INQ1 is available for a song–but only if you live in one of the five countries where it’s currently offered. U.S. customers will probably have to wait until next year.

Available: Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom

It sounds exciting and useful however I am sure some of the features are available on other smart phones. This should sell great to teenagers.


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