500 GB SSDs

I have to admit anyone who gets excited about the size of SSD memory is most likely a computer geek.  I get very excited because they come in so handy in using portable digital devices such as cameras and camcorders.  The price obviously is nothing to get excited about.  Was it Bill Gates who once said "No one will ever need more than 16k of memory."  He thought DOS will rule forever but sounds so cute today to think of 16k as memory size.

from Engadget by Darren Murph

It looks like OCZ Technology did it first with the Colossus, but you won't hear us kvetching over competition in the SSD space. Over at Computex, Team Group Inc. was caught showing off a similar product, the Combo Pro SATA II 500GB. In essence, this device pairs up two 250GB SSDs in a RAID 0 configuration, providing maximum read / write rates of 230MBps and 160MBps, respectively. There's no word just yet on pricing or availability, but we definitely like where this is headed. Now, if only those MSRPs would head south too, we'd really have something to cheer about.

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