‘Embarrassing’ mistake puts US nuclear list online


So they say.  Were the Rosenberg’s so terrible to give nuclear secrets to the Russians? Maybe and maybe not but being Jewish and their ideology made them great for being set up.  It is no secret today that technology and information has been shared with the Russians forever basically.  The story goes that Russians beat US to the space via Sputnik and Kennedy made it top priority to put someone on the moon.  Turns out the Russians were ahead in every way but made a deal with US.  Russians had gained status through Sputnik and it was the American turn to get into space.  Russians had everything ready for the moon and gave all their scientific work for moon trip to US and claimed their moon rocket had too many boosters and kept failing so operation was scrapped.  Was it really a mistake to put this online?  The administration has adopted an anti-nuclear policy and is being criticized for not releasing the Iraq photos while making a huge deal on how really really bad they are but cannot release them.  They should just stop insulting everyone’s intelligence and do what is to do.  It is okay to get criticized by public and somebody should tell Obama he is not a celebrity.  He is a government worker and it was civil service laws that got him there.  It is okay to DO things even if they RISK his great job he could never have in a million dreams.



By H. JOSEF HEBERT, Associated Press Writer


Wednesday, June 3, 2009(06-03) 20:25 PDT WASHINGTON (AP) —

The government’s inadvertent and red-faced Internet posting of a 266-page list of U.S. nuclear sites provided a one-step guide for anyone wanting details about such sensitive information. Obama administration officials said Wednesday the document contained no classified material about nuclear weapons. They contended the locations and other details already were available from public sources.




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