Hotel Perivolas…For You

And I thought San Francisco was nice.  What do people see in San Francisco?  It is great to visit for a week.  So is Los Angeles but LA is no place to live and why visit San Francisco again?  Maybe because California has no real cities.  Suburbs are scary places if a person is not busy commuting back-n-forth and not stuck at work or in front of television.  And that is basically what California is.  Take San Francisco out, and you have one boring state.
from Cool Hunting by CH Contributor

by Anna Chisholm


In the midst of the Aegean Sea rests boutique hotel Perivolas on the chic island of Santorini. Formed entirely of volcanic rock and steeped in eons of history, the island is home to former fisherman’s cottages elegantly carved high into Santorini’s hillside.

Just a short walk from the charming town of Oia, Perivolas’ cluster of softly contoured caves totals 19 unique cocoon-like suites, each with breathtaking views overlooking the sun-soaked caldera. The room-s sun dappled white walls and sensual curves are the perfect backdrop to Santorini’s tranquilizing sea. White cotton linens beautifully offset baskets of Mediterranean flowers and without a television in sight, the quiet whisper of the waves lapping below lulls you to sleep.


The handcrafted bedrooms vary, but a bad room simply does not exist at Perivolas. For those seeking privacy, Suite 15 features a spacious and secluded outdoor terrace, while the much-coveted Perivolas Suite boasts its very own pool.

perivolas-6.jpg perivolas-7.jpg

With a full service spa, impressive infinity pool and an exclusive restaurant serving a feast of Mediterranean delights and Greek delicacies, Perivolas offers both modern and ancient beauty.


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