New Favorite Wine Regions

I admit this article is probably a filler for an empty space but takes only a few seconds to read it and has a little interest inherent.  The photo is wroth the stop to read.

Sommeliers are the wine world’s early adopters, often tasting through hundreds of wines a week in order to stock their lists with extraordinary finds. Here, three of their latest go-to regions.

By Ray Isle

New Favorite Wine Regions:


“I love absolutely everything about Jura wines. They are great examples ofChardonnay, and particularly great examples of Savagnin, a local white variety.” —Dewey Dufresne, WD-50, NYC


“Verdejo, which is Rueda’s signature grape, is amazingly versatile—it can be beautiful, crisp and dry, or oaked-up and rich. I have 10 of them on my list right now.” —Todd Thrasher, Restaurant Eve, Alexandria, VA


“Santorini produces world-class white wines that deserve a space next to great Burgundies. And they age beautifully.” —Michael Madrigale, Bar Boulud, NYC


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