Newest MID: Doubles As A Giant Cellphone

Check this out.  I don't know about the cellphone part but may come in handy with a headset.  The rest is excellent.  It beats a netbook (probably not for the price) for the size and being portable.  It has everything (WiFi, BlueTooth, USB, etc.) expected of a laptop.  I hope more of them are made and they get cheaper.  I still don't think they will replace the cellphone but will make it easier not to carry a laptop or netbook.
from Engadget by Laura June

Jkkmobile's gotten a hold of DigiCube's just unveiled MIDPhone-50 at Computex, and we have to say that from the looks of it, it's quite a wild affair. The MIDPhone-50 is a Windows XP, full QWERTY-boasting, touchscreenmid, and a 3.5G mobile phone to boot. The tilting, 800 x 480 touchscreen is 4.5-inches, with mini-USB, standard USB, and microSD slots, plus a docking station with VGA output. Specwise, the phone / MID has an Intel Atom Z-series CPU with up to 1GB of RAM, with Bluetooth and WiFi. The battery supposedly gets a quite sad two hours of life. There's no word on price or availability yet, but there is a video after the break. 


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