Acer 3D Laptop In October

A very interesting development.  The laptops have been developing very quickly and the faster processor and the larger memories make many functions easier and easier.  Games and multimedia are more commonplace on all machines and now this:  3D laptop from Acer.  The good thing about Acer is the low cost of their laptops.

from Engadget by Thomas Ricker

3D laptops? Sure, why the hell not… after seeing a desktop shoved into a vase at Computex we guess anything goes. According to Campbell Kan, VP of mobile computing at Acer, we can expect a 15.6-inch Aspire 3D laptop by the end of October. The laptop will run Windows 7 and support native 3D content (something that's becomingsteadily more available) while running software that converts 2D content into 3D with presumably mediocre effect. Unfortunately, viewers must wear those bulky, stereoscopic glasses for the full experience. But if anyone stares, just frantically scribble something into a Moleskin with a deep furrowed brow — they'll assume you're an artist. Aglasses-free version is in the works too though that's TBD if you want to wait.


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