Cheese: Little Bloom on The Prairie

What in the world is going on? Here is another goat cheese made to look like Brie cheese.  I found it interesting that as soon as I saw the photo and before reading about it the thought that crossed my mind was: Bland.  That what most Brie and Camembert in the market taste nowadays because of the ban on unpasteurized cheeses aged under 60 days.  You can actually find slightly stinky ones from pasteurized milk that taste fairly good.  This is goat cheese however.


from F Slashfood by Max Shrem

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Little Bloom on the Prairie
Usually, the thought of goat's milk cheeses conjures up images of small, freshly ripened, creamy-to-crumbly chèvres, like the French Valençay or Brad Parker's ashed log, which come in pyramid and log shapes, respectively. Little Bloom on the Prairie, from Prairie Fruits Farm in Champaign, Ill., defies all such expectations. When ripe, its texture turns into a succulent cream that slowly oozes from its rind. (Trust us, that's tastier than it sounds). 

Little Bloom on the Prairie is a goat's milk cheese with a bloomy rind similar to Mont Vivant, but with a luscious consistency that make its texture more comparable to a rich Brie. Still, even though the cheese's silky touch matches that of a bloomy rind, its flavors are distinctly herbal, floral and even grassy (tastes often associated with goat's milk cheeses). In short, based upon its texture and appearance (this bloomy rind cheese is in the format of a smaller Camembert), Little Bloom on the Prairie seems like a typical runny cow's milk cheese. 

As with life, however, appearances can be deceiving: A bite of this fromage reveals an unexpected yet pleasant tang.


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