From Russia (No Israel) With Love!

I forget which prominent psychologist it was but think it was Jung.  He said the Europeans killed viciously in their wars because the religion… and when they were children…. It is interesting even if you don't agree with the analysis because the European wars are basically periods of vicious campaigns that killed everything human until had to stop.  One of their purposes seem to have always been to kill ceaselessly.  This may be introduced as a tool but the minds who made it gifted thousands of exploding dolls, and soccer balls to the neighbors leading to the deaths of small children.  Yes, it does have a camera so is only an electronic tool.  Nazis would have hired every Israeli military scientist without care for the religion.  Actually, they did once.


from Engadget by Joseph L. Flatley

While this is by no means the first time we've seen a robotic snake prototype, it isn't every day that we find one so close to deployment. This self-propelling, two feet long robot can crawl along the ground, climb through debris, and even stand erect to give the operator a better view. The Israeli Defense Force is will use this thing for routine surveillance and reconnaissance, broadcasting video and sound to a monitor and control station. And if this is not enough? In that case, the prototype can be wired with explosives — making it, according to the Jerusalem Post, a "suicide snake." Fun! And rather upsetting. No proposed price or timetable yet, but you can see the thing in action for yourself after the break.

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