Mango’s Bark Root Beer


Sooner or later, I have to start my rounds visiting local bars, restaurants, etc. just to be on top of what goes on in the field.  One dilemma is I can visit several places daily between my other todos but cannot have a beer, wine or cocktail one after another.  That brought my attention to non-alcoholic beverages as a solution.  I can gulp them down no matter how many places and continue a long day full force.  It also brought to my attention not much variety appears in bars, etc.  My mind gets drawn to interesting non-alcoholic bevs.

from Cool Hunting by CH Contributor

by Julie Wolfson

margobottles_detail.jpg margoPath.jpg

Just about a year ago, at the age of six, Oscar Youd made root beer for his science project. With some help from his parents Jessica and Tim, his project was such a hit at school that it spawned a new line of root beer called Margo's Bark.

Made with all-natural cane sugar and micro-brewed in Los Angeles, the family named Margo's Bark after their pet who was a rescue dog. All of the profits go to helping the causes of shelter and rescue dogs.

For more information, some entertaining "dog tweets" and to find out where and when Margos' Bark will be available, follow Margo and her root beer adventures on Twitter. With her slogan "Drink a Bite," we wonder if Margo has some root beer in her dog bowl.


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