It is Baaaaaaaaaack……Heeeeeeere iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis Deathwatch by


What is going on now?  After all that talk in the beginning of the year not to make fun of restaurants going out of business, the benevolent volunteered to suspend its very popular (???) column the Deathwatch.  And today, this pops up in my feed reader!!! I knew something was up when I went to the Deathwatch page for Sens Restaurant on and the page has been closed up to new comments.   It seems to me Sens ought to get a Media PR award or something. I was going to post a simple question:  "How many of the reviews discussed on Deathwatch page for Sens Restaurant are still on yelp?"  I was going to post a comment that somebody should check those reviews against yelp reviews to see which ones have survived.  It has been definitely more than one and half year since Sens opened because Deathwatch is dated March 2008. Sens has zero reviews on Citysearch (how is that possible for a 200-seat restaurant) and the number of yelp reviews has gone from 130 something in January to 150 today.  That is not because of the slow industry season but because reviews kept appearing and then older reviews disappearing with great consistency.  Oh. I forgot that is part of the magic of being a paid Yelp customer.  Anyway nobody cares but I wouldn't be surprised if everyone of those reviews have been erased.  I am not curious enough to check and leave that someone more motivated to keep tabs on yelp.

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