Photo: Cat In Uniform


I have had cats for many years and honestly they are very spoiled animals.  They hardly do anything and are very content pets.

I Want to Know How This Lady Got Her Cat to Be Calm Long Enough to Wear This Outfit

from Mission Mission by Kevin Montgomery

Reader Megan, in the comments, turned me onto a great MUNI blog, The Deuce Deuce.  While quickly browsing through the archives, I came across this serious-looking cat:


Serious Cat wants you to get serious about Mexico.

I got on the 22 Fillmore.  I’ve lived around the corner from it for 20 years.  You never know what you’re gonna find.

I see this woman sitting there with a CAT in PUBLIC, on the BUS, dressed in a kitty-sized SOMBRERO with the word “Mexico” embroidered on it and looking completely serious like there was nothing wrong with any of it. — Lisa Geduldig



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