Cheese: Green Hill


This sounds great.  The limits on imports also limits the quality of what arrives here and bland Camembert and Brie are very easy to find while the good stuff is once again for the locals over there to eat and export their junk over here.  That used to be the export standard in Italy for a long time and now that better goods arrive here the price is blood money also.  If silly limits on imports are to be the norm, it is great to at least have quality goods made (worth the money?) domestically.  I really wish I could taste this cheese before I backed it up but looks good from here.


A culinary trip down to Georgia often includes shrimp and grits, barbecue, crispy flounder and red velvet cake. Now Green Hill, a creamy bloomy rind cow's milk cheese, can be added to that gastronomic list thanks toSweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville, Ga. 

Tasting a piece of Green Hill is like opening a taste bud treasure chest. Its lush creamy texture melts dreamily on the palate, leaving a pleasantly mild tang. While Green Hill shares many characteristics with its imported French cousin, Camembert, it boasts a uniquely buttery consistency. And whereas most imported Camembert has become industrialized for the United States market, Green Hill remains a standout handmade farmstead cheese.

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