Mandatory Nutritional Labeling At Restaurants Is the Law Now


This requires 20 or more units chain restaurants and leaves the independently owned restaurants out.  I wonder how that affects the consumers.  I have read research that states eating plenty of fast food and low-end chain restaurant food leads to many health problems but eating plenty of independent restaurant food has almost no negative health effects.  I always liked that because good restaurants serve food that is equal and better than what can be eaten under controlled-conditioned at home.  I know plenty of old people who eat that way regularly and very healthy and plenty of young people who are messed up and I don't think they can afford beyond junk food.  I guess we can learn something from average Mexican immigrant.  I lived in LA once back and I was told they never eat in the fast food but go to the mom-pop places.  Is that true now? Mexicans are not usually obese nor falling apart due to poor health.  I guess this step is in the right direction.


Mandatory nutritional labeling at restaurants nearly a done deal

Tod's tightwad mugTo date, only a handful of states, major cities, and counties – including Westchester, N.Y., where Consumers Union is headquartered – require restaurants to reveal nutritional information about the food they serve.

But thanks to a compromise proposal hammered out by a bipartisan coalition of Senators, along with input from public health organizations and restaurant industry leaders, that is likely to soon change. 

On Wednesday, the various groups involved announced that they’d reached an “historic” agreement that will enable consumers nationwide to be more informed about the food they put in their mouths at both fast-food and sit-down restaurants

Under the plan, chains with 20 or more locations would be required to disclose on their menus or menu board the number of calories per menu item. They’d also have to make immediately available in written form, upon request, additional nutrition information including total calories and calories from fat, and amounts of fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fiber and protein.

Individually owned restaurants would be exempt from the requirements.

The proposed legislation also would force some vending machine owners to post the calorie counts of food packages in their machines. But the law would apply only to individuals operating 20 or more machines. 

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