Toy Robot?


Japanese are very cool in many aspects.  Most people worldwide think Americans are and America is such a cool country.  If they ever got a chance to know they would know how it sucks.  The fact is US government has an agency nobody has ever heard of in the US.  It is called United States Information Agency and its sole job is to provide information (lie and misinform) about US to people in other countries.  Boy does Hollywood come in handy to inform people.  That is how everyone gets its wrong.  It is the LAW.  Japanese on the other hand are really cool and do very interesting things.  Who else would actually bother to create a real manifestation of just one piece of imagination and not stop there.  If this was done in America, the whole country had to stop and awestruck how great America is.  We have the giant robot thingy….


rom Cool Hunting by Lost At E Minor
odaibarobot1.jpg idaibarobot2.jpg

Japan certainly takes its giant robots seriously. As reported by Moe Passion , a blog by an American sailor stationed in Japan, a life-sized replica of a Gundam RX78 Mobile Suit was recently built on the artificial island ofOdaiba in Tokyo Bay. It's up until 31 August 2009, so go see it while you can.


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