Book Review: Global Resources

Global Resources (Opposing Viewpoints)

I was doing a library search for fish farming and this book came up.  I am not usually interested in hot topics and whatever is heavily promoted by the media.  I had to read this book because I became curious about the topic of the book.  It is very interesting.  I cannot say I agree with most of the opposing arguments in their arguments because mostly they are political and write their arguments to win a debate not to reach the best truth of the situation they can.  That is why I have avoided following such debates because they prove to be giant wastes of time.  I learned a lot from this book and plenty I already knew and realized I have about 50 more books in the opposing viewpoints that I will be reading.  I speed read which requires pre-reading and so on but makes it possible to read a great deal in little time that becomes available.  Opposing Viewpoints are written, in my reading, to be read very quickly which makes it a mandate to read the rest of them.  I recommend reading it if you are interested in the topic.

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