Book Review: Opposing Viewpoints Series – The Information Revolution

Opposing Viewpoints Series - The Information Revolution (paperback edition)

I was very interested in this book because I know about the Information Revolution but do not have solid definitive information as I do regarding many fields.  The book was very annoying.  Lots of debates over basic ideas I could care less and it was not what I had expected.  It disappointed me greatly though the information is good.  The writers of the arguments are not thinkers in terms of Information Revolution as a reality but of what it does or does not and its consequences.  The topic is not treated as intellectual but as something the lowest ranks of the society have to deal with and how we are to go about it.  The ordinary nobody person is a participant and user in the new environment but has zero standing when it comes to being a fundamental participant.  The book ignores the real players in the field and what they have to say and are doing.  I personally do not care much about the opposing viewpoints introduced here and think a substantial amount of information has been ignored while a huge debate over the nobodies of the Information Age is documented here.  I hardly ever make a statement such as this but the book was a waste of time and I will read it again later because it was and that is its contribution to the debate.  

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