I Hate The High Speed Train


Today is the middle of 2009 and once again I hear about the high speed train that moves from SF to LA.  I always thought it the greatest idea in California for a long time.  The California life can change so much if the train comes around and the population can move.  The population can begin to move away from the Pacific coast and settle inland ending so many of the problems the great (?) state of California has and many more benefits.  Most people probably do not know this but the BART which is the high speed commute train in Northern California was originally designed to loop the Bay and provide great transport for millions of the population but those a*&(oles in the South Bay and Peninsula refused to pay for their share.  Why? They feared the locals would shop in San Francisco and take their money away.  Thank God for the Internet taking their money away if not now but eventually.  The good old American monopoly of retail has been fading for years and eventually will break loose holding millions captive with their dictates of price and brands.  The high speed train will someday be built and as long as it does not branch to Las Vegas which seems to be the plan can do California wonders.  The Las Vegas extension is downright evil.  The average person living in the Los Angeles area lack so much in personal abilities compared to the Northern California that the latter dummies are labeled "intellectuals."  The Las Vegas train will funnel so many paychecks straight into Nevada Casinos and ruin so many communities the people pursuing it would have been prosecuted in another stage of American society as unAmerican.  Anything good that is coming up will bring something horrible in the same package.  

Why Do Peninsula Folk Fear the High Speed Rail?

from SF SFist by Brock Keeling


by Chris Jones

The California High Speed Rail Authority released a scoping report [.pdf] yesterday for the San Jose to San Francisco section of the proposed state high speed rail system that will eventually whisk people from downtown San Francisco to downtown Los Angeles in just over two hours. Won't that be fun? Well, not if the folks down on the Peninsula have their way. The report includes over 950 letters from assorted cranky Peninsula NIMBYs, hippies, and Howard Jarvis looking Ayn Rand worshippers demanding that the high speed rail project be squashed underfoot like a pesky insect. That, or the rail authority should put the train in a tunnel all the way down the Peninsula from San Francisco to San Jose, because, you know, that would be like cost effective and practical and everything.

If the thought of having our own version of a TGV running down the Peninsula wasn't bad enough, a piece of legislation that would give the Rail Authority the power to acquire property for purposes of creating a right of way – either through purchase or eminent domain – flew through the Assembly last week and is now being tossed about the State Senate. This has downtrodden Atherton and Menlo Park NIMBY hippies hopping mad and the political future of various South Bay politicians is already in question. Before you know it, both towns will be seized in their entirety and turned into vast rail yards for the high speed rail! Yay! Uh, we mean, oh no!

Now that scoping is finished, the High Speed Rail Authority will consider the public's comments in creating various alternative alignments down the Peninsula from San Francisco to San Jose. This process will be completed this fall before commencement of an EIR that is expected to be completed by 2010. Expect much wackiness and anger from Atherton ladies who lunch in the meantime.



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