Book Review: Endangered Oceans (Opposing Viewpoints)

Endangered Oceans (Opposing Viewpoints)

I really like water in all its forms.  A body of water is a sign of life to me not for drinking but because so many life forms exist within.  Oceans are such wonderful and amazing entities and I was curious to read about issues relating.  I am very disappointed how humans have succeeded at damaging the oceans and continue at any possible speed.  Humans have been destroying everything on land forever and life has its own way of dealing with the damage.  However, oceans somehow seemed exempt until I read Endangered Oceans.  I would like to read more on the topic and believe humans should be withheld from damaging the oceans and restricted to destroying the land.  I don't think both can successfully be done but is possible to keep them back from Oceans until a solution for the land is found.


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