Chinese “Web Addicts” Get Boot Camp, Therapy


I found a book on internet addiction which caught my eye and am reading.  I use internet not closely enough to be addicted but am still curious what exactly it means.  I remember long before Internet was a "problem" computer games were already taking their tools on kids.  Locking computers by parents was a common practice to keep kids from addictive computer games.  Windows and its GUI were born not long after and the battle was lost.  


from T Slashdot by timothy
itwbennett writes "A large number of Chinese parents are finding their teenagers to be exhibiting such psychological symptoms as depression, antisocial behavior, and slipping grades. The cause: Internet addiction. World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike rank beside Chinese role-playing games as those that hook the most patients, says Tao Ran, the founder of a youth rehabilitation center on a Beijing army base. Online chat programs more often hook girls, who make up a handful of Tao's current 70 patients. The teens are subjected to a 'strict regimen of military drills, martial arts training, lectures and sessions with psychiatrists.' And, most importantly: no Internet."


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