Michael Jackson’s memorial service costing taxpayers millions

Michael Jackson should have been buried in the Never Land.  The deal would have been perfect.  I read part of his will and since when famous people get what they want and not what is good for other people.  The $3.5 million is nothing compared to the annual revenues for visitors of Never Land and Michael's grave.  It would have been another Elvis grave site.  They should at least bury his brain or put it on display at Never Land.  You can always say he had verbally instructed someone of this wish.  Los Angeles, Hollywood and his estate would earn probably $500 million a year if his body or at least his brain went over there instead of over here.  I sense some prejudice toward him based on his race.  Maybe some people don't want to be bigger than Elvis after death.


Michael Jackson's memorial service today will apparently cost Los Angeles taxpayers $3.5 million+ in a time when the state of California is essentially broke. Local law enforcement will be providing security for attendees which include private guest …read full story 


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