Baby Boomer Executives Afraid of LinkedIn +


The people who have grown up with Internet find it very easy to go with the new development. Those who grew up without have to learn a new way of thinking and doing. That is easier said than done. The resistance is great and frankly they will get away with it. Linkedin and other social media are still 80% hype and 20% indispensible value. Those who believe in the social media as “it” will lose for now.


Friday July 31, 2009
I am amazed, and disappointed, at the report in this article by Meg Guiseppi, a personal branding expert, that most baby boom executives are unfamiliar with and afraid to use LinkedIn and other social media tools.
As a member of that over-45 group, I can understand the “newness” of something like LinkedIn, but we baby boomers have been creating and adopting new technologies for a long time. Granted, there are a number of social media sites out there that are better suited for a junior high school slumber party than as a business tool, but LinkedIn is not one of them. It is becoming more useful every day for networking, searching for employees, job hunting, business marketing, and staying on top of the thought leaders in your industry.

When I joined LinkedIn in 2004, there were fewer than half a million users. Today there are over 40 million. Like any good idea, there are people trying to pervert it for their own goals. And like anything else on the Internet, you need to use your judgement to protect yourself and your company. However, as a business tool, LinkedIn has substantial value. You should be using it. Certainly your competitors are. Being a baby boomer executive is not a reason to fear LinkedIn, but rather a reason to adopt this “new” business tool as you have with all the other innovations that proceeded it.


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