Social and professional networking and the Generation Gap+


Some may disagree a generation gap does exist. The older generation are not used to computers and Internet as the younger are. The older generation definitely are strangers to social media. The older generation also hold the senior positions of power for the next few years. As generation X moves into their spots, that will change but social media is not everything. Networking is done through many channels and the established ones are here to stay for a long time.


from Social Media Guru – Come As You Are by Jamie
Recently, I was told by a an older gentleman that social and professional networking sites are not for finding jobs and that a generational gap exists between us and them. I was somewhat disappointed that this comment came from a man who has the power to hire people into a great local organization. I was also a little shocked at his resistance to social and professional networking online using technology like FaceBook and LinkedIn.

Why? Because we were at a networking meeting for starters. Also, because I see all of our online networking activity as a great extension of that rotary phone we grew up. Only now, that phone travels with me everywhere and is used to update my Twitter account, FaceBook status, track my calendar, email, play games and of course capture media to distribute on my social networks.

Maybe if I was a little more present, or less interested in being diplomatic, I would have responded with my usual response. “You’re right, LinkedIn and FaceBook are not for finding a job, they are for growing revenue and increasing profits.” I say it because I believe it.

If you learn how to use the social and professional networking tools available, you will accomplish increased sales. You will never need to make a call ahinYou will also become a valuable commodity as an educated, technically savy employee who is ahead of the curve. This might not help you find a job, but in a traditional company this may wind up saving your job.

I do not believe there is a generation gap in the world of FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I believe we have an obligation for “each one to teach one.” Find someone you know and share what you know. Invite an old or young person to FaceBook or LinkedIn and invite them to get together and show them how to use the software. Every time you do this you will grow the strength of your own network, accumulate social capital and share an experience with someone who has something equally valuable to share with you. Be a Guru, a Teacher, a Student. Be Yourself.


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