Eater Headhunter: Who’s Paying For Yelp Reviews?



Yelp has no shame doing what it does. Inasmuch as everyone complains about yelp and how its doings hurt many, yelp has no ears. It doesn’t matter if Yelp or someone else is doing this ad. This is Yelp’s spirit in action. They have kept doing things the wrong way and ignoring all feedbacks that now others follow the same path expecting what outcome?


Here we have a very curious job posting on Craigslist, asking for potential Yelp reviewers to submit reviews at $20/pop. It’s no secret that Yelp pays reviewers when it first enters new cities, but oddly enough, this particular gig doesn’t seem to be an official Yelp job (see the rest of the Yelp ads), and of all the established markets, the Bay Area is probably the last one that needs a boost from the Yelp overlords. So, who exactly is paying for Yelp reviews? A Yelper looking to outsource his/her reviews? A desperate business owner? A stealth Yelp conspiracy? Something even sillier?
· Yelp Reviewers (bay area) [Craigslist]

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