The Aggregator That Newspapers Like


Newspapers are getting better and better at the online business and will find an edge to win their niche back. The industry has found a new medium and the old is threatened but the principles of operation are the same. The change process is inevitable and media will find ways to beat the new technology and stay alive.


August 3, 2009 · Filed Under Business Bytes
While some media organizations have objected to aggregation and even fought it legally, others are embracing it, and one company that is working closely with media organizations is Daylife, which powers aggregation for USA Today, The Washington Post, NPR and the New York Post. And now the company is looking outside news organizations.
The New York Observer reports:
Daylife is also transitioning its focus from traditional media companies to brands and advertisers. Every organization seems to need an online presence that keeps up with thereal-time Web. Hiring a blogger to write a few posts isn’t enough anymore (or perhaps not in the budget).

Whether a sports brand is looking for bios on baseball players or a pet store needs the latest articles on puppy nutrition, Daylife plans to be the go-to data aggregator for hire.


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