Happier.com: Online Tools to Improve Happiness


This website is cool. I used to work with the guy who was a retail stock person. He wasn’t very smart. I used to tell him every now and then when he made mistakes to watch the packages incoming. I had found a sale online and ordered him a new brain to arrive any day. I used to work with this waiter guy who was really screwed up. I told him affirmations help. He bought some pep-talk be-happy books but wouldn’t do real affirmations. I saw him eons later. He was so excited telling me he still read a book of quotes I gave him daily. I kept thinking. I think I found one of these tiny 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch book thingys somewhere with some happy quotes and gave it to him. Now, there is a cool website also. I guess there is two sides to life and we are all only on one side of it. Mine has always been good.

from PsyBlog by Jeremy Dean
· Sponsored post: happier.com gives you the tools to live better. Includes special offer for PsyBlog readers.

The people at happier.com have been working hard to come up with new ways to make you happier. Now boasting 32,000 users in their community, happier.com is a website that contains online tools, tests and exercises to help you measure, track and improve your happiness.

New on their site are four happiness plans based on your goals. Now it’s possible to choose a goal and be guided, step-by-step, on which tests and exercises to use on happier.com to become lastingly happier. Some goals that you might like to try include:

reducing your symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression,
increasing your happiness and positive emotions,
discovering your strengths & building on them,
increasing your resilience.
Their section on tests and exercises has been expanded and rebuilt as has the multimedia section. This now contains hundreds of clips of the experts explaining their research, giving happiness tips, and helping happier.com come alive for its users. There are exclusive videos of Martin Seligman, Barbara Fredrickson and other positive psychology thought-leaders.

Currently you can register for free and this will give you access to the videos and the tests. Subscriptions, which start at $4.99 per month, give you access to all of the tools, tests and happiness plans along with access to exclusive “ask the expert” sessions with leading psychologists.

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